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Camp Story: My All-Time Favorite Camp Moment

I’m pretty sure this was my favorite camp moment of all time. It’s a little thing, but it meant so much. This story happened two summers ago, my first year as a camp counselor.

It was the third week of camp and it was one of those excessively hot days. Like my other counselors that day, I had little patience, little tolerance, and I wasn’t really in the mood to be at camp that day. We were at basketball. The courts we played at had really low baskets because they were for little kids. Anyway, me and my senior counselor were standing around at one of the baskets talking. We both had a ball. One of our kids walked over. He wanted us to pick him up so he could do a slam dunk. (Obviously they weren’t really slam dunks. We’d give the kids a ball and we’d pick them up and they’d put the ball in the basket and hang on the rim.) We weren’t really in the mood to but we did it anyway. I gave him my ball and I picked him up and he “slam dunked”. And when he was hanging on the rim he started cracking up. He was laughing so much. He must’ve really been enjoying himself. Well me and Eugene (the S.C.) looked and we saw him laughing. We both got the biggest smiles on our faces. It cheered us up so much! If I had a video camera with me, I definitely would’ve recorded it. In fact, I’d have to say that it was my best camp moment. I really felt good when I saw him laughing.

It was at that moment that I realized what it meant to be a camp counselor. It’s not about the money or the free food. I didn’t do the job so I’d get out of the house during the day. The job isn’t really about you at all. It’s all about the kids. We’re there to make sure our kids have the best summer possible. And that moment was just one of those times where I felt I was doing just that. Unless you experience something like this yourself, you can’t really appreciate the feeling I got. But let me tell you, it was great. I’d give anything to relive that moment again.

Activity Idea: GaGa

Anyone play this at their camp? At our camp it’s the most popular activity! The kids always love playing it. For those who don’t know about ga ga, here’s a summary:

  • Ga ga is played in a six-sided wooden-court with wooden walls.
  • Everyone is inside the court, along with a ball.
  • You can only hit the ball with your hand.
  • You can’t stop the ball. If you do, you’re out.
  • If the ball hits your legs you’re out.
  • If you hit the ball twice without someone else hitting it (or without it hitting a wall) you’re out. This is called a double hit.
  • Counselors have final say if a camper got out or not.
  • Often, if more than one bunk is playing, the game will turn into a bunk vs. bunk game. In our camp there are also boys vs. girls games as well as kids vs. counselors games.
  • You win by being the only person to not get out.