Activity Idea: GaGa

Anyone play this at their camp? At our camp it’s the most popular activity! The kids always love playing it. For those who don’t know about ga ga, here’s a summary:

  • Ga ga is played in a six-sided wooden-court with wooden walls.
  • Everyone is inside the court, along with a ball.
  • You can only hit the ball with your hand.
  • You can’t stop the ball. If you do, you’re out.
  • If the ball hits your legs you’re out.
  • If you hit the ball twice without someone else hitting it (or without it hitting a wall) you’re out. This is called a double hit.
  • Counselors have final say if a camper got out or not.
  • Often, if more than one bunk is playing, the game will turn into a bunk vs. bunk game. In our camp there are also boys vs. girls games as well as kids vs. counselors games.
  • You win by being the only person to not get out.

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