Activity Idea: Run the Bases

This is another favorite game in our camp. Most people have played this game before, but I’ll explain it anyway.

  • You start by choosing two trees, poles, or any two objects to be the ends (bases).
  • Then choose two people (campers or counselors) to be the enders. These people stand at the two bases and throw the ball to each other. They try to get the runners out.
  • Depending on the rules, runners may run whenever they wish or there is countdown to when everyone runs at the same time.
  • You get out if an ender hits you with the ball (either by throwing the ball or tagging you with it, depending on your rules).
  • The winner is the only person to not get out.
  • You cannot get out if you’re touching one of the bases.
  • Often, the enders will trick the camper runners (and some counselor runners) by pretending to throw the ball, but really holding on to it. Then when the runners leave the base, the ender can get them out easily.
  • In return, runners often distract the enders by not touching the base. When the ender goes to get that person out, everyone else runs to the other base. This is a popular strategy for campers in our camp.

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