Camp Story: Making an Impact

If you post on this site, you must be a dedicated counselor (or you were at one time). So I’m sure you’ve all made huge impacts on your campers’ summers, hopefully in good ways. 😛 So my question is, do you think you’ve ever made a big impact on a camper’s summer? How do you know?

I know I have. I found out one day last summer while we were at the pool. I usually don’t go swimming at camp, and there are some kids who don’t swim either. Those who don’t usually play run-the-bases in a shaded area near the pool. One day, I was playing with a bunch of kids. Some of those kids were from my bunk the previous summer. Also playing was their counselor for that summer. Well, one of those kids had to go to the bathroom. So he came up to me, and asked me to take him to the bathroom. I asked him why he didn’t ask his counselor, who was standing right near me. He told me that he liked me better and he wanted me to take him. Keep in mind that this was already about halfway through the summer so he had plenty of time to become friends with his new counselors. But he still asked me to take him over his counselor.

It was a small event, but for him to ask me over his real counselor to take him to the bathroom, it meant a lot because I must’ve made such an impact on his previous summer that he still liked me over his actual counselors.

(Oh yeah, in the end he had to go with his real counselor because I would’ve gotten in trouble if I took him.)

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