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Welcome to Talk Camp!

Thanks for stopping by! Years ago, Talk Camp was an active forum community where camp counselors from around the world discussed their ideas and stories about working at camp. Over the years, the community slowly died. There was so much useful information, when I decided to close the forums I wanted to make sure everyone could still benefit from the articles our members had written. This blog will feature those articles. Every month, twice a month, new articles will be posted until they have all been posted. The information posted on this blog is exactly what was posted on the forums (with some minor spelling and grammatical corrections) — so even though I’m the “author” of each article, keep in mind that they were written by many different people.

As the months go by, this blog should grow in size. I encourage visitors to leave comments. Also, if you have an article you would like to see published, let me know! I’d love to add some newer content.