Overnight Camp Curfews

At camp this year, they introduced a curfew, to make sure there was more than one counselor in a bunk overnight. The previous system had someone on OD until midnight at the latest. There was one designated person, who slept in the bunk, who was on ‘twelves’, someone who would sign in and would stay in the bunk before, or until midnight. The rest could technically (but didn’t usually) go off and do whatever they pleased.

This year, this was changed. Instead of OD’s finishing at 12, they finished at 1am, by which point everyone had to have signed in. Those not signed in would have a ‘talking to’ if it became a pattern. If someone tried to sign in intoxicated, a Director was called, and not usually happy for being woken up.

The system had its hiccups, mainly that the senior staff (Unit Leaders, Support Intervention Team etc.) were having to do Super-OD’s (supervising the sign in sheets etc.) until beyond 1am, and were then having to be up before 7:15 for the morning briefing. I was wondering how other camps dealt with the issue of a curfew. Do you have one at all? How do you enforce it?

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